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The LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally and the SAS PILS CLASSICS Ypres Rally is from 26 June until 29 June 2019

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Recce SS are on Wednesday 26 June and Thursday 27 June (follow schedule )
Recce Shakedown on the 26° June 14:00 until 17:00
Shakedown on 26° June from 19:00 until 22:00

Service SD Boezinge
Service Rally Ypres near Mening Gate Leopold III lane
Podium Market Place Ypres

Tickets available in the ticket shop, buy your ticket online, the ALL IN TICKET is also valid for Boezinge Shakedown and the Historic Rally
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In de spotlights op de Grote Markt

Nadat het rallycentrum van de Ypres Historic Rally vorig jaar van Boezinge terug naar Ieper verhuisde, zullen de Historic-deelnemers dit jaar terug een plaats in de spotlights krijgen op de sfeervolle en druk bezochte Grote Markt in Ieper. De Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally, de FIA-wedstrijd die meetelt voor het Europees kampioenschap, en de nationale SAS Pils Ypres Classic Rally krijgen een eigen podium op de Grote Markt, naast het podium van de Renties Ypres Rally. Tussen de twee podia in kunnen het publiek en de VIP's genieten van de Rally Village. Een uniek gegeven, zeker omdat de teams zaterdagochtend ook gelijktijdig van start gaan in de moderne rally en in de historic rally. 

Wat het programma betreft, is er voor de Historic-teams woensdagavond de traditionele shakedown in Boezinge. Op vrijdag zullen enkel de deelnemers aan de Europese Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally in actie komen. Zij werken om 16h50 de klassementsproef van Kemmelberg af, gevolgd door twee passages op de klassementsproef van Zonnebeke. Omstreeks 20h50 sluiten ze hun eerste etappe af op het podium in Ieper, waar voor de nationale SAS Pils Ypres Classic Rally vrijdagavond een ceremoniële start plaats zal vinden.

Zaterdagochtend hebben de deelnemers aan de historic-wedstrijden het genoegen om zuivere, onbereden proeven voor de wielen te krijgen. De wedstrijd gaat al om 9h25 van start, zodat de wedstrijd 's avonds wat vroeger afgelopen is, waarna de teams kunnen genieten van een feestje op de gezellige Grote Markt van Ieper.

De Historic-teams beginnen eerst met een lus langs Langemark (8,32 km), Reninge (11,92 km), Vleteren (10,84 km) en Watou (14,02 km), waarna ze in de namiddag Dikkebus (12,53 km), Westouter-Boeschepe (19,94 km, de langste van de wedstrijd) en Zillebeke (14,31 km) zullen afwerken. Na een tweede passage over de eerste vier klassementsproeven, sluiten de FIA-rijders hun wedstrijd vanaf 18h30 af op het podium op de Grote Markt, na 14 KP's en 169 km tegen de klok. (137 km voor de SAS Pils Ypres Classic Rally)

Samen met hun team en de historic-collega's, kunnen de deelnemers vervolgens genieten van een gezellige avond op de terrasjes van de restaurants en in de Rally Village op de Grote Markt in Ieper, waar enkele uren later de laureaat van de Renties Ypres Rally gehuldigd zal worden. Kortom, de Ypres Historic Rally maakt dit jaar integraal deel uit van het unieke rallyfeest op de Grote Markt in Ieper. 

Foto's: D. Mares

Ypres Rally FIA Article

With its narrow roads, its corners which are essentially crossroads or direction changes with treacherous apices, the Ypres Rally has so often been the preferred hunting ground of Belgian drivers, familiar with this type of course. The 2018 edition of the rally did not break with tradition, with the clear victory of the current leader in WRC, Thierry Neuville in the modern event, and that of Paul Lietaer in the historic event.

Yet it was a Dutchman, Mats Van Den Brand, who was the first leader among the ‘seniors’, succeeding in surprising the local favourites in the first timed sector, at the wheel of his BMW M3. Despite the reaction of the Belgians in the following sector, the Netherlander maintained the lead in the rally until the fourth special stage, before withdrawing in the sixth due to mechanical problems.

Belgian Stefaan Stouf (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4) was the main contender, posting all of the best times from the second to the tenth special stage, before suffering a cruel withdrawal in the penultimate stage. Waiting in ambush with his Manta 400 from another era, Paul Lietaer took over the lead and held it until the finish, beating by more than five minutes the BMW M3 of his compatriots Tom Van Rompuy and Danny Kerkhof and by more than eight minutes the Porsche of the Swedes Johnsen.

As the Belgians were not specifically registered in the European Championship, brothers Tim and Steve Jones achieved a good result, finishing tenth in their Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4, but first among the crews in Category 4, earning FIA Championship points. Their result launched them to provisional third place in the Championship, behind Norwegians Jensen-Pedersen and Frenchmen Cazaux-Vilmot. The latter were not present at Ypres, but the Norwegians were, and marked their presence with a splendid third place in mid-rally, an achievement that unfortunately went unrewarded due to a broken suspension, which forced them to withdraw. Also involved in a tight European campaign, the Finns Harri Toivonen (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4) and Jari Latvala (Toyota Celica GT4) were unable to make it to the finish line, instead being forced to retire early due to a series of mechanical issues.

Fifth in the overall classification at Ypres in their Porsche 911, Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner won Category 3, 32 seconds ahead of the Hungarian Ferenc Wirtmann (Ford Escort RS). In the provisional Championship classification, the positions were reversed, with Wirtmann remaining leader ahead of Wagner and the Spaniard Ferreiro, who has competed in one less event.


Austria’s Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner won Category 2 with their Porsche (Photo : Ypres Rally/Ronny Van Parys)

While the victory for drivers entered in Category 2 in the European Championships went to the Belgian Carlo Mylle (Porsche Carrera RS), second position in Ypres to László Mekler and his wife Edit Miko meant the Hungarian couple overtook the American Iain Dobson, who was not in Belgium, for provisional first place in the European Championship classification.

In Category 1, the Italians Antonio Parisi and Giuseppe d’Angelo (Porsche 911 S) continue their unstoppable harvest of victories, even if this time they had to contend with the intentions of Carlo Fiorito (BMW 2002 Ti), leader of the first four special stages in Ypres.

The FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship will continue in Finland on 10 and 11 August, with the only gravel rally of the season, the Lahti Historic Rally.

The provisional Championship classification can be consulted via this link.



Podium Las Vegas Historic Rally

1. Lietaer Paul - Vienne Bruno 205

2. Van Rompuy Tom - Vanoverschelde Jens 217

3. Kerckhof Danny - Dejonghe Kristof 225

4. Johnsen Anders - Johnsen Ingrid 221

5. Wagner Karl - Zauner Gerda 214

Podium Sas Pils Classics Ypresrally

1. Deveux Dirk D'Alleine Kris 304

2. Lacour Geert - Casier Kris 307

3. Vanhaverbeke Bart - Deplancke Filip 329

4. Oosterlinck Sascha - Verhamme Bjorn 327

5. Dekimpe Rudi -Leroy Christophe 309

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