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25 Year Ypres Historic Rally Exposition

In 1992, the FIA gave green light to organize historical rallies in the framework of existing ERC rallies. This interested Frans Thevelin and his ambitious team, and they immediately jumped on it and organized the first Ypres Historic Rally in 1993.

In the shadow of the 29th edition of the "Ypres 24 Hours Rally 1993" the 1st "Ypres Historic Rally" was set.

Immediately, the spectators became familiar with historic rally cars. For the older rally fans, the old glories of their youth, both in the cars and in the pilots. For many just pure pleasure!

Meanwhile, this Ypres Historic Rally has begun to go its own life, and since the beginning of 2000 the beautiful village Boezinge has been the centre for this European renowned competition.

In the context of this anniversary, a 25-year expo Ypres Historic Rally will be organized. The man who is in charge of the organization of this unique expo is Gerard Ghesquiere, who also organized the exhibition for 50 years Ypres Rally in 2014.

"The expo will be in Boezinge near the club room of the Ypres Historic Rally Organisation based at Café de Zwaan, from June 18 to June 25," said Gerard Ghesquiere. "Open on Sunday 18, Wednesday 21, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 June from 10:00 to 20:00, Monday 19, Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22 June from 14:00 to 20:00 and Sunday 25 June from 14:00 to 18:00. On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays we are open according to public attendance, with max. until 22:00.

There are approximately 600 pictures, all posters and rally records and for each year an archive.
A corner for the local co-driver and founder and later president from the YHR Boezige Serge Messine, cupboard of Gaby Goudezeune and a showcase full of little remembrances. Outside there is a permanent expo under a tent of 6 to 8 cars from the rally world and a Speed Sports (made in Schaarbeek) 1925 ex. G. Bouriano winner among others on the Chimay circuit in 1926. "

The rally itself, according to COC Johan Taffin, underwent some minor changes. "The special stage in Boezinge has disappeared from the contest picture, but just like the modern boys, we will also go to the new special stage in Zonnebeke twice on Friday. Both, the Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally, reserved for FIA homologated cars, like the Classic Ypres Rally, for the BHRC, run the same stages. Depending on the number of starters in the Ypres Rally, we will start on Friday evening around 6 pm, for two rounds of two stages, Zonnebeke and Langemark.

Saturday comes the heavy part. Start will be around noon, and 9 SS are pushed for the wheels, which have often undergone a thorough change. The winner should reach the final stage around 9 pm.

On Wednesday, our shakedown remains from 19:00 to 22:00 in Boezinge, and has become the ideal start for a long and hopefully exciting rally weekend over the years.

The registrations are coming in smoothly, and with the FIAs, it will definitely be who Paul Lietaer, on the eve of his 60th birthday, with his Subaru Legacy can put a strain on the road. Is there any competition from the Belgian corner, with known opponents like Didier Vanwijnsberghe and Stefaan Stouf? Or can the foreign riders finally put a path to the'premises'? What are Erik Comas (Lancia Stratos), Fin Veikkanen (Porsche), Anton Werner (Audi Quattro) and Antonio Parisi (Porsche) worth on the narrow roads of the "Westhoek"?

The Classic Ypres Rally is sure to look forward to the regular championship riders like Robin Maes, Dirk Deveux, Stefaan Prinzie and Patrick Mylleville. But traditionally, some regional riders may also struggle in these debates. We only think of the BMW drivers Christophe Merlevede and Alain Vermeulen. "