Ypres Rally ?

In 2018 the Renties Ypres Rally celebrates its 54th edition. The Ypres Rally is the sixth event of the Belgian Rally Championship. The event welcomes the Prestone MSA British Championship & FIA Benelux Trophy.
What started with a time control of the Monte-Carlo on the Grote Markt in Ypres, grew year after year, boosted by Franz THEVELIN and his team, as one of the top rallies on the calendar in Europe.
The appearance of the Ypres Rally extends far beyond our borders and every year the best European teams and drivers start in the West Flanders classic. The inhabitants of Flanders Fields region eagerly look forward to this annual celebration ...

The fascination with fast cars and the unique atmosphere at the Market Square during the "24 Hours" - as the Ypres Rally is known popularly- provides a welcome distraction at the start of the school holidays.
West Flanders and the region around Ypres is the Mecca of Belgian rallying.
More than 1,200 volunteers help to build the "Ypres Rally" to an international top event level. Our non profit association Superstage now has more than 100 active members, who are working intensively to create new ideas and solve any opportunity.
We therefore believe that all members of Superstage should be proud of this annual tradition, especially as it is organized in their free time and driven by passion. A fact that is too often forgotten but ...
Of course, we always look forward to more motivated staff who wish to contribute to the organization of "Renties Ypres Rally!"
Alain Penasse - André Bostyn - Jan Huyghe
President - Treasurer – General Secretary

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