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Ypres Historic Shakedown Ypres Historic Rally Memorial Serge Messine
20 Years Historic in Ieper (part 2)

20 Years Historic in Ieper (part 2)

13-06-12 Heinz-Walter Schewe, whose name we immediately reminds Altenheimer, Brink and Hauck, even though German Porschisten has the mid 70 different victories and podium places achieved in Germany, he was also in Ypres active with a best result of second place in 1975.
This year he is assisted by Willi-Peter Pitz, one of the co Walter Röhrl that in 1976 he was victorious at the Our Cat City. Noteworthy is the fact that this was also the only major victory for the Opel Kadett GTE GR4 16 valve! Later, this engine specified by Opel and was reverted to the more reliable valve 8.

With the Opel story we're right at the Tjechen Janota-Vyoral, last year, earning them a third place at the FIA ​​drivers! With more knowledge parkoer should certainly be looked at the performance of this combination.
Text Guillaume Vendeur Photo rally magazine.de

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